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What is A Day in a Life?

We’re all going through the same, the wonderful moments and the terrible moments. 


I want to photograph the in-between moments, what happens before and after that perfect Instagram photo. Celebrate the everyday life. 


Especially as parents, most moments are not picture perfect moments, but they make up such a huge part of our life, why censor it? 


When I photograph a family for “A Day in a Life”, I’m essentially coming to hang out with you for half a day or a full day, photographing your life. I won’t be asking you to pose, to move here or there, you’ll just be going about your day as usual and I’ll be there to capture it. 


It doesn’t have to be a special day, could be a regular day in the middle of the week. It could also be as you are just welcoming your newborn into your house, those special first few days, it could be the grandparents visiting from out of town, it could be an event.


Let me be to capture it when you are not able to. 


I can’t wait!

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